6th Annual Children's Tournament (2014)

Saturday May 17 12:00-7:30 pm at the Martin Luther King pool

Event description:

Arrival at pool: 11:45 noon - Out of showers: 8 pm

Parents' help on-site needed.

The parents will organize the food (buy or cook food, provide cutlery and cups and set up table).

Cost per participant: $25. 

Please pay us with a check written to:

San Francisco Underwater Hockey or "SFUWH"

Participants Need to Bring: 

Short thin socks to wear under swim fins (important for long use) and a water bottle.

Clothes to stay warm at poolside and flip flops.

Swimsuit and ideally 2 towels.

Event Description. 

This is an underwater hockey tournament and clinic.

The tournament will be between teams formed with the attending children.

In the clinic we will teach drills and skills.

There will be breaks for food and rest.

We will provide masks and snorkels as needed for anyone to watch the games in the water!!


We expect 24-28 players. We will form 4 teams of similar level. We need to know in advance who is playing to form the teams.

The 4 teams will compete in a "full round robin + playoffs" format, as follows:

Round Robin:

All against all games. Each team plays 3 games and gets points: Win: 2 points, Tie: 1 point, Lose: Zero point. 

The teams are ranked 1st to 4th.

If there is a tie in points, the team with the LEAST goals scored AGAINST is ranked higher.
If there is a tie in goals against too, then the team with the most goals scored is higher.
If there is a tie in that too, then the team that won the game between the two teams is higher.
If there is a tie in this too, then the ranking is decided by the flip of a coin.

All teams play the playoffs.


Semifinals: S1: 1st v 4th - S2: 2nd vs 3rd

3rd - 4th Place game: Losers of S1 and S2 play against each other. Winner is 3rd place.

Final: Winners of S1 and S2 play against each other for the 1st and 2nd place.




Gustavo Pesce,
May 13, 2014, 1:04 PM