Youth Underwater Hockey

Youth Practices

November 2022 — We play Friday nights at Balboa pool; King pool is closed for repairs until late March 2023.

Resuming Friday April 8, 2022! See the announcement sent to our email list.

Fridays 5:45 pm - 8 pm at Balboa Pool, 51 Havelock St, San Francisco, CA 94112
Children 9-15 years old need to be able to:
- Swim 4 x 25 yards without stopping (form and style don't matter) 
- Tread water for 1 minute.

We're not very strict about the age limits but we want to coach hockey, not babysit or teaching a swim class. Younger children often need more attention and older teens may fit in better with adults than children.

We have equipment for beginner players at the pool. 

Players that have been in the program for more than 6 months are expected to buy their own gear. See Gear for Young Players for advice on what to buy.

Children need to be ready to get in the water at 6pm. Our practice finishes at 8pm and parents must pick them up immediately afterwards. 

Parents don't need to stay during practice but are welcome to sit on the bleachers.

As of April 2022 the pool rental fee is paid for by Atlantis Sports and our coaches volunteer their time so there is no fee for participants.

Adult Practice (encouraged for older teens and advanced players)

Depending on coach approval, the advanced children are encouraged to join our adult practices. To stay informed about adult practices events, cancellations and other news, join the mailing list.

Adult practices must be paid for online (indicate the name of the player). This is a pre-paid activity; you can check your balance online.

2022 Youth Clinic, August 12-14, 2022

Fun Games, individual skill, teamwork sessions and a potluck tournament!
All levels of players ages 11-17 are encouraged to attend in Denver, CO. This is an Atlantis Sports supported event. Financial assistance is available. Learn more and register at

General information about tournaments and clinics

All players that participate in Underwater Hockey tournaments and clinics need to be up-to-date members of the Underwater Society of America (USOA).

Their parents need to sign the "Waiver of Liability" and acknowledge reading the US UWH "Safety Guidelines".

USOA registration and payment, as well as electronic signing of the waiver and guidelines, can be done online at USA UWH. See Opening a new account and paying annual dues for a walk-through of the steps to create a USA UWH account online and signing all required paperwork electronically.

You can check if USOA has received your payment at USOA list of players who have paid and/or signed the waiver.

All tournament/clinic players must bring their own gear (not club gear), including:
  • Mask and snorkel (with mouthguard)
  • 1 pair of fins
  • 1 glove — any color other than white, black, yellow, orange or red (We make gloves in gatherings that we host every few months.)
  • 2 sticks, one black, one white.
  • 2 headsets, one blue or black, one white.

See What Gear Do I Need for gear recommendations, and suppliers.