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Club coordinator and treasurer responsibilities

This is stuff that Tom has been doing as the club coordinator and treasurer. A new organizer could take over the existing processes or create his/her own. The leaders get to mostly set their own rules.

The club's bookkeeping is split between two spreadsheets. I'm keeping the links private to protect the privacy of our members.

The "SFUWH" spreadsheet

This spreadsheet contains detailed financial information and old attendance records. Most of the data is entered in the first sheet, named "Accounts". If you haven't seen a double entry account system look a tutorial such as Dave's Debits and Credits lesson. Every row in Accounts should have a balance of 0, if it doesn't the Error column is highlighted.

The "SFUWH attendance lists" spreadsheet

This spreadsheet contains attendance lists starting 2013Q1, calculations for each member's balance and contact info for each member. To protect our members' information access is restricted to specific people.

The "SFUWH Public" spreadsheet

Exports part of "SFUWH attendance lists" so we can publish the Balance webpage with less risk of leaking the private information in the rest of that sheet.

Regular responsibilities

Each practice

  • Make sure new players are greeted and introduced to someone who will get them gear and into the water
  • New players need to sign a waiver from USOA. Keep blanks in the money folder.
  • Get teams picked before practice is due to start
  • Make sure game ends 20mins before we are due out of the building
  • After most people have gone do a sweep of the deck for trash, including scraps of duct tape
  • Check that the racks and within the red tape boundary on the storage room floor
  • Get everyone out of the building on time
  • When someone puts cash in the folder email them and so you remember to add it to the Accounts sheet.


  • Check the inbox. New paypal donations need to be added to the Accounts sheet. Look at previous entries to see how to enter it. Note that the email lists the amount sent, but not the paypal fee or net amount deposited in our paypal account. For each donation I add a row to the Accounts sheet, record the donation amount and name (make sure the name is spelled exactly the same as used in the "SF UWH attendance lists" spreadsheet), then leave the paypal amount empty. When you login to paypal record the amount actually added to our paypal balance and the paypal fee (in the E:Bank column at the far right).
  • Deposit checks and cash in the folder at a Wells Fargo ATM. Send an email receipt to remind you to update the Accounts sheet
  • Check the inbox. Often when a visitor has a question they send a message here. The password is shared between at least Sean, Tom, Gus. Reply while logged in to the account so that the others can see your reply.

Sporadically, as needed

  • Update the web site with new pictures or news on the homepage.
  • Update the calendar when practice times change or we schedule an event, currently this is an SFUWH specific calendar in Tom's personal gmail account.
  • Approve new members in the facebook group
  • Approve posts to the email list for new members


  • add a new sheet to the attendance spreadsheet with a name such as 2014Q1. The name must be exactly those 6 characters.
  • update (it is the "Members" sheet in "SFUWH attendance lists") to make sure it includes attendance for the newest quarter
  • Check that the balances at wellsfargo and match the Accounts sheet exactly. The longer you put this off the worse it gets. If there is an error you need to match each entry to find the missing item(s). It is a pain in the butt but consistently finds errors such as forgetting to credit someone for a donation.
  • Pay the city for pool time. sends an invoice to every few months. Pay it with the credit card or writing a check. Look at previous quarters to see how to enter it in the Accounts sheet.


  • organize the potluck tournament
    • pool time: how to rent City College pool and make sure we have insurance
    • banquet venue
    • registration and marketing
    • walls: inspect, transport and assemble, find storage for next year
    • refs and ref gear, pucks
    • teams and schedule
    • deck food
    • banquet food and entertainment
  • organize the member meeting
    • calculate income and expenses for previous year. Do this by looking at the Pivot Table and Account Summary sheets in SFUWH. Any difference in A-L compared to I-E is an error in the accounting. If it is under $300 (about 2.5% of the budget) don't worry about it.
    • create a budget for coming year (normally a copy of previous year)
    • update the "Attendance Summary" sheet in SFUWH to make a pretty graph of attendance vs time.
  • organize the member vote
  • find and support spring and fall league organizers
  • make the fall beginner course happen
  • sync up the USOA dues and wavier list with our roster, encourage our members to join. Get the USOA list from or by asking someone like Terry Sutton or Wendy Okafuji.
  • renew insurance (certificate is valid 1 July thru 30 June. Carol Rose sends an email in June, usually to Sean. Eventually she'll update the list to email directly. sometimes we get only King pool than add City College once it is confirmed for the tournament.)