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Thursday September 20, 2012: more fun than trying to throw Pollard's SmartCar for distance

Last night was AWESOME.

Perhaps its because the fewer people that show up means I have a better chance of actually touching the puck, but whatever the reason Thursday's practice was GAME-ON!

  • Carolyn - a shining beacon of beauty in a pool of ugly men, and whose D-prowess denied many a would-be scorer
  • Holland - dropped at the right places and kept that puck going fwd
  • Michael -  no skills, but one sexy beast of a man
  • Jacob (late arrival) - employs his patented rapid bashing style and straight-ahead charges to setup more than his share of goals
  • Jason - did what he wanted with the puck, when he wanted to.  Luckily he is of humble nature and didn't unleash the fury and dominate us least not as often as he could have.
  • John - pretty much won every strike
  • Joey - official camera man, and force of nature on the bottom.

At first it was Black's game, hard-fought goals, but they def had the edge.  That all changed when Jacob arrived.  After White evened the score for fair amount of time, we swapped Michael/Jacob with John/Joey.  But our swap over compensated Black, and it once again enjoyed the edge.

I only have a few more Thursday practices in my future, so get in your sexy-beast viewings while you can.

It's all about the bottom, baby!