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Thursday November 15, 2012: Thursday wrap-up Pete Wells style

Could last night have been anymore fun?
Did we really have 6 on 6 on a Thursday?
Aren't we long overdue for a SF hockey party? 
Do I mean equipment-making party? 
Or do I mean a full-on rager with folks getting after it, a bonfire, Elaine's killer sushi bar, naked people on the slack-line and pandemonium in the hot-tub?
Is the league-finale awards a good enough excuse?

Anyhoo, wasn't this supposed to be about last night's game?

Did Black rack up more points during the middle, or was White's strong start and finish enough to tie it up?

  • Rhett - why does the most dominant/strongest player feel the need to free arm so badly?  Did he ever stop bitchin' at his team between points?
  • Tom - is it possible for him to do anymore to support the club?  Does he get enough help setting up/taking down? Did you see him almost catch Johnny W on that break-away?
  • Amy - does her diminutive size give her an unfair advantage by allowing her to curl so quickly and tightly? does water-proof mascara hold up in chlorine?
  • Elaine - Was it just me, or did she always seem to have the puck?  Is she the most chill person ever or what?
  • Jakub - did he really go all game without blatantly fouling anybody?  Do you think he is smiling each time he perfectly sets up a forward-turns-around-only-to-have-Jakub-blasting-the-puck-away-immediately scenario?  What do you mean he isn't French? 
  • David (visitor from Tucson) - did he carry-on his huge hockey bag, or check it?  Couldn't you guys let the visitor score once?

  • Jason - is there anything he doesn't do exceedingly well?  Did you lose count on how many times he shut down Black's drive?
  • Johnny W - is his acceleration for real?  Did you see him V-cut around Rhett?!?!
  • Karin - did you see how F*#&$*ing fast she is?!?!  Did you see her bad ass wall game?  Hell, did you see her bad ass open water game?
  • Helena - Does she have gills?  Can you believe how she routinely stayed down to defend against three different offenders after not one, but two passes?
  • Pollard - was he sober?  Is it just me, or does Pollard's playing style feature two opposite modes:  1) floating on the surface slowing swimming towards the action 2) shutting fwds down, driving the puck the other way and generally playing like a man possessed?
  • Michael - can he get any sexier? 

A great night fo'sho.