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Thursday January 9, 2013: Clash of the Titans!!!

Our sleepy Thursdays are really waking up!   (out there, there is a Jason who's kicking himself for not making it last night)

  • Matt
  • Renaud
  • Tom
  • Jennifer
  • Pollard
  • tardy appearance by Joey
  • Lyndon
  • Elaine
  • Johnny W
  • Michael
  • Jacob (new guy did great...handled the puck a few times and did fine -  I noticed Matt and Renaud last night being wonderful ambassadors of hockey, and toning down their defense to let Jacob do his thing...well done sirs!)
Of course Titan Lyndon and Titan Matt were, well...Titans!  But I need to give a shout-out to Elaine for some seriously seriously incredible defense (and transitional offensives)...if she ain't trying out for the USA women's team then all is not right in the universe.  As for Black, they enjoyed several Matt-pass-to-Jennifer-breakaways.

This was an awesome game.  A tad fast for this fat* ass, but that's not saying much since the sub-box is my preferred speed.  Quote of the night from a person who just celebrated his first IPO worth nearly a Billion dollars:  "Michael, that pass was for you, you need to drop, breathing is overrated."  

The game was fairly even, with maybe White having a slight lead, until Joey arrived...then Black enjoyed the advantage in goals and possession.  But there were no complaints, no whiners, no fouls**, just good clean fun.  Speaking of club-puck (zing!), has anyone broached the topic of buying/renting their sport court from them and installing in at King Pool?

THREE CHEERS FOR MATT AND JOEY for transferring our goals to our temporary home at Balboa Pool.

See ya on the bottom,

*(but sexy)
** sorry, Tom, I mauled you a couple of times...but I didn't call myself since I gained nothing from my clumsy swipes.