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8:00pm – gentle warmup led by yours truly
8:15pm – workout according to the official Sea Lions training program
8:18pm – other pool patrons get scared and start to leave: mission accomplished
8:30pm – beginners’ orientation (3 of them tonight)
8:44pm – Lucy gets out of the pool before the game actually starts, heads home, claiming she’ll “really enjoy it next time”.
8:45pm – 4 on 3 game starts
8:48pm – beginner scores a point
8:52pm – Elaine complains my fins are sharp, that I’ve kicked her numerous times already and that I’m “scaring people”. She points to a week-old bruise on her hip that is supposedly my doing.
9:10pm – Sam and Brian show up, we finally have enough players for a real game: 5 on 5
9:19pm – beginner scores another point
9:20pm – Elaine wakes up and starts playing for real
9:23pm – I complain you can’t shoot/roll the puck down the slope, it’s “unsportsmanlike” . We switch sides.
9:29pm – Brian whacks one of the beginners in the face with his stick; she’s got a nosebleed but keeps on playing. Her blood trails look vaguely green in the water.
9:30pm – lifeguards are starting to look at us, then the clock, back to us, pointedly
9:32pm – we keep on playing
9:40pm – Carolyn wants us to stop but I claim “last point!”
9:46pm – we start getting out of the pool. Lifeguards are staring, annoyed

Now that’s a plan!

All of you people who live closeby, Spring is here! Come out of hibernation, come out and play!
I’m bringing 3 newbies with me.