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May 23, 2013: Clash of the Tritons!

  • Gregory - did anyone else see his bikini tan!?!?!    hahahahahahaha,
  • Johnny  - good God the POWER! 
  • Drew  - after a pre-game smoke, really lit shit on fire during play
  • Jennifer - doesn't subscribe to this list serve so phooey on her (fine...she gets the Smith Sexy designation)
  • Elaine - playing lefty and still whopping ass
  • New (italian?) gal*  - did great, had several successful drops and advanced the puck

  • Matt - back - the puck stops here
  • Jason - fwd - a rare appearance at forward, I picked up many of his pucks from the trough
  • Scott - back - ahahahah see below
  • Tom - fwd - played more like a mid - lots of defensive plays saving our butts
  • Michael - fwd - sexy in his new suit.
  • New guy* - fwd - did well, had the puck a few times, a successful pass

WHOA NELLY!   Thursdays got hot in my absence.  After seeing Gus's lament about Monday's turnout, I was looking forward to a nice easy going dip where I might actually touch the puck a few times and just focus on mirroring Wife's drops so I could see how many times I could blast her stick from her hand (read: pinch her ass after she blows by me).  Not so folks.  This was one fast game.  Everyone had a great time.  No real bickering, although there was some confusion/whining about the out-of-bounds rule.   I didn't care enough to pay attention, nor do y'all care.

Almost all rounds were very hard fought, though White seemed to have a decent lead in terms of scores.

Story of the night.
What can we say?  Scott is an animal.  A long, strong, big-bearded hockey playing animal.  He had rapid-fire drops, and tons of sustained charges off passes from Matt.  So it's tough to contain the beast.  Granted it was really early in the night (as in the 2nd stoppage of play) when Black had to ask Scott to go easy on the New Gal.  "I am, I am."    So it was perfectly understandable when towards the end of the evening, long after said request, that Scott free'd the beast...and also the stick from her hand!

"What, huh?, I couldn't see who it was...I thought she was Gregory...err, my beard was in the way"   Was his sole comment on the incident to the reporters in the press room.

See ya on the Bottom,

* Wagner brought 'em, so see him for names or for their referrals for their tattoo artists.  I'm embarrassed that I didn't say more than hello but I was trying to remember how to put on my fins.  I think that's something we can do better at:  learning the names of the new folks and talking to them more.  The learning curve is super intimidating, so a bit of friendliness from everyone could go a long way in turning first-timers into second timers.....that and not getting run over by a speedo'ed version of Paul Bunyan.