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Monday August 26, 2013: Monday Monday Monday!

  • Gregory
  • Ben
  • Jason
  • Gustavo
  • Natalia
  • Carlos
  • John H
  • Dan Lowery*
  • Leigh

  • Drew
  • Yori
  • Yakub
  • Tom
  • Casey
  • Sonia*
  • Michael*
  • John from Seattle
  • First Time Guy

*traded players/late arrivals.  To be honest, I got traded so many times, I'm all mixed up on the teams. 

Monday's lived up to our website advertisements as being the "advanced" day, as some of the heavy hitters showed up.  While the teams were never so uneven that it was a complete blowout, there was some flip-flopping:  First White was rolling 'em, then a Michael/Sonia trade, and things will pretty good, then Lowery showed up Michael was traded back to white and Black started kicking butt.  

  1. Jakub making a lone stand on defense to stuff three consecutive attacks from Black.  Each time he bashed away the puck, another Black was there to support (great job btw!) and resume the attack, but after the third he got a hold of the puck and cleared it...then he earned himself a well deserved sub!
  2. Gregory robbing my shot on goal....the puck must have <1cm from the back of the goal before Gregory pushed it sideways and cleared it out.  Jerk!
  3. Gregory's slalom drive, with perfect symmetry he weaved the puck a good 18" side to side, around two (three?) defenders' sticks, and drove in for the goal
  4. Any time Natalia touched the puck...between her fancy stick moves and her curls, she was like some kind of pink/purple psychedelic blur.

I'm off to collect the Wife and Baby Smith in Hungary, so I'll see y'all on the bottom September 16.