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October 17, 2013: Hurt So Good

In my absence (first time back since Hungary)  I guess Underwater Rugby became an established thing - but last night they didn't have numbers so they folded into the UWH.  No one wanted to sit out, so we ran 'em with 8 on each side!

  • Ben
  • Drew
  • Jon R
  • Gus
  • Michael
  • Michael's Beard
  • Lara
  • Lisbeth
  • Hassam

  • Matt
  • Yori
  • Jason
  • Amy
  • Tom
  • Jakub
  • Andrea
  • Christine

With so many bodies in the water, thank God more of the Club Puck crew wasn't there or an orgy would've surely broken out.  I'm pretty sure I make it to second base with Tom at least twice, and many a breast felt the wraith of my noggin when I forgot to look up while surfacing.

The game eventually "spread out" but long drives were rare, and possession changed rapidly.  Black definitely had the scoring lead, but no substitutions were suggested.  Hell, White never even set a formation.  The Titans - Ben and Matt - of course anchored their teams.  White huddle quote "The only way to defend Blair is to keep in his way and pray he passes."   And he wasn't even playing.

Lara is really developing some strength and speed.  She made a lot of steals, and charges.  While Black was often sportsmanlike with her, they were just as often full-speed, and Lara did great.  And outside of the pool she's funny to boot!!!  Good work on that one Gus - for a teenager to be such a fine human being takes one hell of a parent.

Lisbeth - Rugby player with 4 UWH practicing under her belt.  She was serious contributor - great positioning for scores and some good drives.   Again, I applaud Black with their Sportsmanlike play.

Michael's Beard - 'nuff said.

Drew's gut - GONE!  I didn't even realize he had any weight to lose, but holy crap did he change in the last two months.  Either it really is all the work he puts in during the day, or he's smoking some serious meth at night.   Either or, he was mad man in the pool.

See you on the bottom,