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Scrimmage Report October 21, 2013

Thanks everyone for a great turnout to the first night of the Game of Thrones League! Games ran on schedule and we were able to split into two games post league! Here is a brief recap and some additional info for upcoming weeks. You can always find results and team lists here:

Dorne vs. Lannister - Lannister dominated a good part of the game and should have been pretty rested with all 8 team members (only team w/ 100% attendance!).  Dorne on the other hand was a little more sparsely populated last night with only five players but they managed to score a pair of goals in the second half. Final score was 6-2 for Lannister

Targaryen vs. Stark - A very close and intense game resulting in a tie. To Targaryens defence they were missing both Tom and Wagner last night which may have given them an edge over Stark. That said, if Drew and I could learn to shoot into the net instead of behind it we might have been okay! It was a well played game with no team controlling the play for very long. Final score was 2-2

Reffing appeared to be a challenge last night and I would like to fix that for next week. It is apart of the game and we should all know the basics around it. In the next couple of days I will send out a quick overview of how to ref. I'm going to put time into writing it, so please in return, take the time to read it. I am also thinking that a brief "course" next Monday @ 7pm would be helpful for anyone who hasn't attended an international level event. If you would be interested and able to attend please let me know. 

Things to Note:
- If your name is in red on the board that means I have voluntold you to ref that day! We will rotate who refs each week. 

- Any yelling during the league games will result in a 1 min penalty. Well I appreciate your competitiveness, we are here with many beginners and want them to have a positive experience. Besides, that behaviour would also result in a penalty at worlds!

- The refs need to wear proper ref gear. This includes the orange jerseys, a red hat and orange gloves. 

- Subbing: Lets work on proper subbing!! The subs must stay in the sub box until the other player has fully entered the sub box. No sneaking in early! 

- Out of bounds: We are going to play this similar to regular practice, to recap: 
  • The technical playing area is between the thin black line in the shallow end and the last black line before the slope. Out of bounds would be considered fully over the line. 
  • If it goes out of bounds and is immediately brought back in without advancing, the play will continue.  
  • If it goes out of bounds and the play is advanced or stays out of bounds longer than a few seconds the play will be called. 
  • If the puck is intentionally shot out of bounds the play is called against that team. 
  • Both teams should work to immediately bring the puck back into the playing area
  • **This call will be at the refs discretion, they will decide if the puck is advanced or played outside of the playing area for too long. Continue play until you hear a call, do not go to the surface and argue with the ref. 

Thanks everyone for your help in setting up, getting the games going and cleaning up afterwards! Lets continue to make this a group effort. I think it was a bit of a reality check for the club last night by not having Tom, Wagner or Gus there afterwards. We all saw how much work there was so lets continue to help out before and after each hockey practice.