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Thursday January 23, 2014: SURPRISE! It's a Thursday wrap-up

  • Jason Z
  • Renaud
  • Scott
  • Jakub
  • Clapper
  • Andrei
  • Oren
  • Charles (French)
  • Carolyn
  • Spencer
  • Michael
Made up Score:
Black 18
White 9

I didn't think the teams were very even when we split 'em....but White came out swinging and dropped in the first few goals relatively quickly.   But it was short-lived, as Black proceeded to methodically and consistently trounce White.  Still most of the goals were well-contested and everyone was having a great time so we never did a trade - although Andrei did switch himself towards the end which helped swing the balance.

Afterwards, it was a mad dash over to Tom's to throw him a surprise Birthday party, which appeared to be organized by Lelia.   Joey rolled through with booze, Renaud baked pizzas, Gus came by with brownies (no, not that kind) and there was a steady stream of naked folks stewing in the tub.  Good times had by all, and thanks to Jason's vigilance, no one's cars got towed for street-cleaning. 

It was a late folks - but that's why God made Peets coffee!  This shit is STRONG!

See ya on the bottom,