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Monday January 27, 2014: Don't you get tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired?

For you unawares [get ready for some bullcrap], there are really only three main themes to my write-ups.  Not a lot of originality here - heck I get tired reading 'em as I type 'em:
  1. Dang I look good in a speedo
  2. Dang I look really good in a speedo
  3. That practice was awesome
  4. Shame on you whiners
Fine...four themes. 

And last night provided fodder for 3 out of 4 - there was no whining!

During warm-ups fiercely-bearded Scott instructed Renaud and Michael on the finer points of developing an efficient/fast dolphin kick.  It's hard to pick a better pair of students - Renaud's kick was looking good, and Michael was just plain looking good.

After all the tardy tards finally showed, the game developed into a nasty enduro-a-thon...and not just because Johnny was there.

  • Sparky (that's Mr. Sean Avent to you, doll)
  • Oren
  • Johnny
  • Bob
  • Carolyn
  • Michael
  • Jason  (of Marin newspaper might've heard of him)
  • Bearded Scott
  • Renaud
  • Leigh
  • Jon Reolofs
  • Magic (and I even asked the spelling, something like Mekic)

Made up Score
Black - 9
White - 20

The teams seemed pretty well matched, but Michael's floating was just too much of liability and Black was consistently on the losing end.  Still, most of the points were pretty tough.  Last night had it all: bashing scrums, yet Black was also making good use of the end around; there was lots of flick and chase, but also deeks and swordsmanship galore.

Of course there was so much variety...there was so much playing time!  Sticks were up at 8 and we played THE FULL TIME until 9:40....even Bob Burres was bushed at the end of the night.

IMHO Leigh was the tipping point - she seemed to have possession 23% of time and 77%  of the time she was driving the puck instead of losing it.  Huh...that happens to add up to 100% awesome.

And Carolyn?  When did she get so strong?  It seems like for my first 2 years of playing Carolyn was always on the injured list and when she played it was left-hand/left-fin/blindfolded only.  Well forget that.  She's back in a big way, and by big way I mean bashing the puck through anyone in her path and blocking charges like a brick wall. 

See ya on the bottom,