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Doff your hats lads.  We lost an integral part of the club last night.

One of our venerable steering committee members, Amy Cannon, is heading back home to the Great Northern Maple Leaf Territory.

Not only did we lose one of the strongest players in our roster, but we lost one of our leaders.  Our club reflects the general population in that most of us lemmings just show up, kick around a bit, and then go home….we don’t step up to tackle the monumental administrative/logistical undertaking of keeping the club going.  That pool time doesn’t just magically appear folks.

Amy stepped up.  And brought all of her Tasmanian Devil energy to bear on the task of keeping out club on the upward spiral.

And, she was sexy to boot.  And I don't share that title lightly. 

Dang Cannon.  We’re gonna miss you and are so so so hopeful you can come back soon.
There were some trade to favor the deep team, but basically it was:

  • Ben
  • Drew
  • Brigit
  • Renaud
  • Carolyn
  • Jakob
  • Clapper
  • Lelia
  • Tom
  • Cannon
  • Matt
  • Andrei
  • Casey
  • Cyrus
  • JR (JT?)
  • Holland
  • Someone else…
  • Sexy
The reports weren’t lying.  Coffman’s water is clear as summer day (in the East bay), and just as pleasantly temperate.

The shallow end provides for some fast fast fast hockey.   You either need big fin, big stick, or some fancy ass stick moves to stand out on the shallow end.  It seems like there’s at least 4 people on the puck at any given moment.  The importance of dropping and being there waiting for the puck to pop out of the scrum is crucial.

Just as the true devotes of Golf love leaving behind motorized golf cars, flat-manicured-cushy links and getting back to the game’s rough and tumble origins at Scotland and Bandon Dunes.  The deep end and the slope are an adventuresome hockey player’s dream.  Who the F said hockey can’t be three dimensional?  The thirty degree slope makes for a total different game – pushing up it, or feeling like a boss when your flick sends it two feet “off” the deck and ten feet laterally.  The 8ft depth allows the fit folks to really benefit from all that workout time.

I of course hated all of it.  But I hate fast hockey, and hate holding my breath.  So there’s no accounting for taste.

I was too busy trying to sub out as often as possible (Casey, Andrei and Cyrus, are wonderfully fit sub partners) to really pay attention to the game.

We celebrated afterwards with some Indian Pizza and Indian beer (“they all taste the same”  - uh no, my friend, they are very very different.)  And after a brief demonstration of sidewalk acrobatic yoga, we headed down to El Rio for some rump shaking to early 90s hip hop.

We took it into the wee hours…of course, Amy had energy for more and outlasted all of us.

We’ll miss you Cannon. Come back to us.