How much does practice cost?

See Club Pay.

Is there any membership fee and/or commitment involved in this?

Practice fees are due for every practice, but there is no membership. Once you start playing regularly or go to your first tournament, you will need to join the national UWH organization, which costs about $40 per year. Whether you want to just try the sport out or want to play for the rest of your life, we're a casual club - our only commitments are to the sport and to having a good time.

Join the National UWH organization and pay your annual dues online

I'm not a very strong swimmer - will I be able to play?

Yes! You don't need to know how to free dive or SCUBA dive and you don't need to be a competitive swimmer.  You just need to come and have fun.  it does help to be comfortable in the water, but that's easily learned.

How intense is it?  Being X type person of Y height and Z weight, I don't know if I can play...

Water cancels most of your body mass, so size isn't really important. It's more about using the puck to your advantage and speed. The smart player is rewarded over the big player. That said, you are holding your breath, so it can get intense.

What do I have to bring? If I don't own any of the equipment needed to play, do I have to rent it?

All you have to bring is yourself, a swimsuit, and a towel. We'll provide all the gear you need to play, free of charge. We'll also provide instructions on how to use it.

I live in X but the pool is in Y. Can I get a ride to practice?

We realize not everyone who lives in the City can easily get to the pool. If you need a ride, please ask, we can probably arrange for you to carpool with one of our other players.

Do I have to wear a tight swimsuit (a.k.a Speedo)?

Entirely up to you! Wear whatever you're comfortable in. However, big shorts or swim trunks create drag, and slow you down.

Out of curiosity, how many people show up on any given day?

Between 10 to 20 players.

Would I be able to play from the first day I show up?

Depends if you want to. You can spend the entire time learning and doing drills, you can jump right in without instruction, or you can do a combination of both. Whatever you prefer.

Is the pool you practice in an outdoor pool?

Unfortunately, most City pools are indoors.

I have some general questions about hockey and how to play. Where I can look for answers?

Our Underwater Hockey Beginner’s Guide has a ton of information about everything from drills, to positions and formations.

I've been playing hockey for a couple months now and want to buy my own gear. Where?

See What gear do I need?