Underwater Hockey Beginner’s Guide

Edited and contributed by a cast of thousands: Sea Lions (San Francisco UWH) and world-wide.

Version Author    Date Comments
 1.0 MB  circa 2004?

RW 2010
Initial transcription from Word document
 1.2 MB 12/16/2010 Added Missing Images, some new content and diagrams to various sections
Modified Headers in "Individual Skills" Section. Some additional content in the Position and Scenario Alignment sections.
MB 01/11/2011   
Added Rules Section
 1.5 MB 08/07/2011
Added back-picking content, some back defending content, edited position alignment
 1.6 RW 09/14/2011  Added pictures to liven up the text.
 1.7 RW 10/15/2012  Subbing summary; tournament checklist
 1.7.1 Mark P Sullivan
10/08/2013  Lots of typos fixed.
 1.7.2 MB  02/14/2014  Fixed some typos in the Back section; also fixed 2nd/3rd person mixed references
 1.7.3 MB 07/01/2014 Split position section into two pages
 1.8 RW 07/29/2014 Added videos to Individual skills.

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